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Meet My Parents: Steve and Angela

As I’ve said before, it’s important to never forget where you come from. Whether you were raised by the two people who made you or you’ve just had someone in your life that is has been there every step of the way since you were little, they are permanently imprinted on your heart and to take the time to cherish those people in your life should take a priority in your life. Mending and maintaining those relationships are so important. After all- you wouldn’t be who you are without them.

I’ve been so lucky to have both of my parents in my life. I’d like to introduce you to them as they have made me into a human and shaped my morals and values so that I love myself.

My life has been filled with love. So much love I could explode. So much love that, even when people are mean, hurtful, or cynical I can still find a bright side and accept a person for who they are. We’re all here to do something extraordinary with our lives. We can take what makes us love hard and live passionately and turn it into an ambition that we’ll let no obstacle stand in our way. Our love comes from something in our adolescence that we’ve embedded in our hearts to love. Our passion stems from what hurts us most. When we hit absolute breaking point, to the point where we don’t think we can live on, but we do that’s when passion is created. The love and pain come from my family. My passion, my love, and my ambitions in life, all stem from my parents.


We don’t choose the family we’re born into but I wouldn’t trade mine for the world. I’ve written about my dad’s drug addiction and about the pain of not being close to my mom over the years, but I really want to start this 2017 blog revival off with the things that I love about these two amazing humans who each have a story of their own that led them to where they are.

We all come from somewhere and somehow, no matter how hard life starts out, there’s something about our past that we can embrace and take with us on this journey to mold us into who we want to be. We’re a product of our environment and genes. It’s up to us to take what we’re made from, polish it, and embrace the heck out of it.


Meet My Parents and What I Love About Them: 

Meet my Mom Angela Lucero


My mom is the smartest woman I know. She knows every answer to Jeopardy and if you ask her about a movie she will have answers faster than IMDb. She’s never been the type to ask people for advice. Even if she’s conflicted, she sticks by her decisions and doesn’t turn to anyone for approval. I love that about her and I’ve never noticed till my friend recently pointed out that she loves how I just do things when I say I want to. I get that from her and I’ve never appreciated that about my mom till recently. She thrives on getting better. No matter how sick she gets, she loves to impress herself and go above and beyond what the doctors expect of her. I know a lot of people say their mom is the best cook ever but I challenge that. My mom is Mexican but gosh, does she cook Italian well. In fact, I didn’t even realize that most of our meals at Christmas were Italian dishes till I moved to North End and I pieced together lasagna and stuffed shells to Italian. She’ll never sit down to eat with us because she’ll be cooking until everyone has had their dessert and she has cleaned the entire kitchen spotless. I myself love cooking for friends and I now see the enjoyment my mom has when she did this for us. It’s about creating the conversation without even being there. You do it with a meal full of love and that’s the most rewarding part. My mom’s sense of humor is dirty and twisted, just like I like it. Most importantly, the way my mom raised me as a baby is something that will always amaze me. Watching the tapes of her talking to me and telling me to take care of my dolls, taking them for a walk and making sure to tell them they look beautiful. Her voice has more love than a lullaby when she speaks to me.

angela lucero

My favorite memories are in the car singing down the winding mountains in Washington State and when I really needed a cup of tea to do homework, she was always by my bed side. She made me soup and never forgot to bring me the pepper because she knows I love to spice everything up. Splashing around in the pool was always an adventure for us. She taught me how to swim, which is a bigger accomplishment than I thought! Recently I overheard co-workers talking about how nearly impossible it is to teach your own how to swim. When there were thunderstorms at night we’d hide underneath the plastic row boat and blow bubbles under the water at each other. The pool light made the raindrops glisten and the fun we were having removed any fear of lightening striking us. I remember one night she looked at me and asked if I wanted to make out. It’s now one of my favorite things to tease my friends with when we make awkward eye contact. Thank you, mom.

Meet My Dad Steve Olbinsky

steve olbinsky

My dad is the most stubborn and sweet man. It will always seem to me to be the 8th wonder of the world how a man so masculine can have a daughter and instantly melt into a cute teddy bear. I’ve never seen someone who would sacrifice so much for someone. Living in Allston, I remember a woman had locked her keys in the car and was crying and my dad made sure to help. I remember thinking of my dad as Superman from that day. When I scraped my knee riding bikes at the Charles River he told me he’d ride both bikes and I thought he was so silly, but when he rode his bike with one hand and the other hand on my bike, as I hobbled along I thought he was a genius. Whenever I’d have friends over, my dad would give my friends $20. He was so generous with money, he just wanted everyone to be happy and has never had an ounce of greed.

School was the most important aspect of my life and that was because my dad put a value in my accomplishments at school higher than anything else. The only thing that my dad instilled that was greater than my education was my morality. Right and wrong, ironically, was something he didn’t take lightly. I remember sitting on the steps of our basement while he did laundry, explaining to me the importance of being honest and kind. Making sure to only use honesty as a way to better serve someone, and to not take actions that will hurt others. I remember the conversation lasting for two hours and I wasn’t allowed to leave the steps. I really think he enjoyed my company but he really didn’t want me to think dishonesty was ever okay. Brushing stress and negativity off my shoulders has been much easier remembering all the phone calls where my dad has reminded me not to make mountains out of molehills.


I have a lot of favorite memories with my dad because he was always looking to do anything and everything with me. The amount of concerts, shows, games, parades, and city activities we did were endless. I loved asking my dad to watch hocus pocus three times a day and my dad always agreeing and quoting, “A mok, a mok, a mok” with me. I especially loved when I took him to try on my very first prom dress. I really didn’t think much of it. It didn’t seem like that special of an event until I walked out and my dad started crying his eyes out. My dad will always have a way of making me feel the preciousness of moments in life. When I asked my dad his favorite memory of me he tells me that day will always be it because as I walked out he saw me grow up right there. Thank you for making me feel like the most special girl in the world, dad.




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