Richest person alive

How to Become The Richest Person Alive

I am rich, lucky, loved, connected, grounded, and alive.
All the love and the gifts and the money in the world couldn’t get me to the state I’m in.
I purged my room of anything that didn’t have a meaning to me.
I keep my dad’s letters on my bed along with our photo album.
Those are my riches.
I write in my journal every day.
The ability to write and express myself is my luck.
I write letters to my loved ones weekly.
I feel more connected than ever.
I’m experiencing relationships that challenge my trust and
relationships that make me feel unworthy of their love.
That’s what keeps me grounded.
I have a story to tell the world and that is what makes me feel alive.
It’s not just my story, it’s my families, my dads.
That’s what makes losing my father feel like he is eternal with me.

-Leanna Olbinsky

Becoming rich

If you haven’t watched the movie I made for my dad, it’s a reflection on his life and a dedication to the people who struggle with addiction and their families. My dad passed away while battling addiction in Massachusetts for over 25 years. Regardless of his struggles, he was the greatest father in the world.

It made me the richest person in the world. I could lose all my money, my home, my things and I would still feel full-hearted. If the feeling of losing all the things around you is what makes you feel rich, you’re being condemned by society.

Watch Emily Esfahani Smith explain the four pillars of meaning and find an insightful glimpse into why we struggle with happiness and have ups and downs of disappointment in our life.

You can be as rich as I am.

First, you just have to find out what you’re holding on to. If its possessions I suggest watching the Minimalism Documentary. Clearing the clutter in your physical surroundings makes you focus on your internal clutter – the thoughts and problems that you’ve been voiding with things.

Richest person alive

Once you let go of the things that fill the void, start writing. No structure, not on social media. Just get yourself a $5 journal and a pen and write. You can find things to start with here.

Your hand might get tired and you might run out of time, just don’t forget to come back to it. As Emily Smith explains, writing your trauma helps people recover better because they understand their story.

Next read your story a week or so later. What narrative are you taking on? The hero or the victim? Rework your story until you’ve perfected a narrative that you’d be proud to tell others on your happiest day.

There are lots more ways to continue this journey of becoming the richest person in the world and I’m not an expert at all, but having a network of someone who you can trust is really important and if you need someone to talk to, to help in the rising of hope, I am always here. You can contact me here on my Rising Hope website. 

I hope you become as rich as I am and we can share our riches together.



Published by

Leanna Olbinsky

I lost my dad to addiction but throughout it all he remained my best friend. We had a safe and consistent healthy relationship. Rising Hope is a nonprofit project to give kids that have parents struggling with addiction a safe place to talk about their feelings and find resources. The mission is to give these kids the best chance of success by showing them how to combat stress, anxiety, confidence through personal wellness (fitness, meditation, reading, writing, etc.).

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