The Face of Addiction



205 people are first time users of opioids per day. Whatever the reason is of the start, addiction is a lifelong disease that brings a lot of pain to oneself and loved ones.

As I know too well, the face of addiction can be someone with the purest heart. The face of addiction was my very handsome, superhero-like dad who has lost more than half his weight at the time he passed away.

If 205 people start using opioids a day- there is bound to be someone, 20 years old like my dad was, not thinking that one day he’d have a family that he just wants to fight for and not have to have a forceful disease hanging over him that inserts heroin into their veins. Escaping from something that eventually they’ll die to escape.

Read my more in-depth opioid statistics here.  Read about my very amazing dad (and mom) here.

The face of addiction can really be anyone you love, although I hope it’s not- but maybe that’s why you’re here. If so I feel your pain. 


Published by

Leanna Olbinsky

I lost my dad to addiction but throughout it all he remained my best friend. We had a safe and consistent healthy relationship. Rising Hope is a nonprofit project to give kids that have parents struggling with addiction a safe place to talk about their feelings and find resources. The mission is to give these kids the best chance of success by showing them how to combat stress, anxiety, confidence through personal wellness (fitness, meditation, reading, writing, etc.).

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