The Face of Addiction



205 people are first time users of opioids per day. Whatever the reason is of the start, addiction is a lifelong disease that brings a lot of pain to oneself and loved ones.

As I know too well, the face of addiction can be someone with the purest heart. The face of addiction was my very handsome, superhero-like dad who has lost more than half his weight at the time he passed away.

If 205 people start using opioids a day- there is bound to be someone, 20 years old like my dad was, not thinking that one day he’d have a family that he just wants to fight for and not have to have a forceful disease hanging over him that inserts heroin into their veins. Escaping from something that eventually they’ll die to escape.

Read my more in-depth opioid statistics here.  Read about my very amazing dad (and mom) here.

The face of addiction can really be anyone you love, although I hope it’s not- but maybe that’s why you’re here. If so I feel your pain. 


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