Valentines Day is My Favorite

Valentines Day is my favorite holiday. The unpopular vote, but I have a few reasons why and it’s not because I have a boyfriend that I spend a romantic day with. I haven’t done a personal post in a long time, but tis’ the holiday!


1. It’s not an official holiday so people are still working and people go out in public. I love seeing lots of people. Family holidays are great, but making a work day special is fun to me.

2. It’s not a drinking holiday like St. Patricks Day which of course I love because a lot of drunk people in the streets of Boston is overwhelming, scary, and less magical.

3. It’s about love and I loveeeee love! My dad is always going to be my number one Valentine but I have lots of number ones. Including grandpa, Alison, Sofia, Amanda, Eric… etc. Don’t forget that this day of love is for friends and family too! Don’t be selfish and drown is sorrows of being single- embrace the ones you love and make them feel special.

4. I love dressing up in pinks and reds!


5. I love the funny pun cards. Here are some of my favorites.



Published by

Leanna Olbinsky

I lost my dad to addiction but throughout it all he remained my best friend. We had a safe and consistent healthy relationship. Rising Hope is a nonprofit project to give kids that have parents struggling with addiction a safe place to talk about their feelings and find resources. The mission is to give these kids the best chance of success by showing them how to combat stress, anxiety, confidence through personal wellness (fitness, meditation, reading, writing, etc.).

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