A poem by Leanna Olbinsky

Fall to the ground

Heart beat slow

Vision white

Reaching for a hand

From god or something

It isn’t here this time


Begging for one last call

What would be said

decay and weakness

Finally taking over

A strong mind


What would you do if you knew

One chance too many

One last breath

free from the demons

Released from the pain


My daughter will feel

What would you do if you knew


Familiar faces rushing in

On the floor

Cry by my body

Hold on maybe this isn’t it

Take me away

One more chance

Invincible, pain free, control

Blood through my veins


Hold on this isn’t supposed to be

Strength, courage, vindication

The family who loves me

Give them my soul

Taken now let it go

This time I’m not as lucky


I don’t feel myself coming back

Like before

My daughter

My wife

My dad

Don’t be mad please

It’s time to be with my mom

Remember me

Addiction free

I am now free

Learn more about Leanna’s cause for helping families accepting addiction.

Help raise money for addiction resources by donating to Leanna’s 5K fundraiser.

Published by

Leanna Olbinsky

I lost my dad to addiction but throughout it all he remained my best friend. We had a safe and consistent healthy relationship. Rising Hope is a nonprofit project to give kids that have parents struggling with addiction a safe place to talk about their feelings and find resources. The mission is to give these kids the best chance of success by showing them how to combat stress, anxiety, confidence through personal wellness (fitness, meditation, reading, writing, etc.).

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