About Me

Leanna Olbinsky from Boston, MA

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When I was 13 I saw my dad relapse. I watched my best friend, my superhero, crumble to a disease. It felt like I never would get him back. I didn’t talk to anyone about it but I kept a journal of all my thoughts. When my dad was sober, I shared my journal and we cried together. He brought the journal to a meeting and told me it changed people. From that day on I wanted nothing but to share my experiences. I would’ve never thought the heroin epidemic would sweep the nation and destroy so many lives. It’s because of our bond which inspires me to help both the children of addiction and the addicts. I’m here for both of you because I saw my dad’s pain and I felt my own, too. Regardless we’ll always be the best of friends and this whole project will be dedicated in the name of my dad, Steve Olbinsky.


If you have found love from addiction, please tell me below. I’d love to read it. If you just want to contact me fill out the form below or email me directly – lolbinsky@outlook.com.