This blog is filled with so much love. I have always been told to do what you love in life. I am good at loving others. We don’t live in a perfect world but you can help shape it by writing the things you love most about people.

My dad sent me a cutout of a newspaper on Wednesday June 17, 2015. The cutout read, “Please guard each word we say so we reflect You and Your love. Help your tongues speak words of healing and not harm.”

My dad and I have wrote each other letters since 2007, when he first went to prison. Throughout our relationship we’ve been best friends. Through his mistakes, my mistakes, and our hardships, we have always seen the best in each other.

I wrote to my dad every week and my dad wrote to me. It showed me his love and support,in writing. They say actions speak louder than words but words can enlighten us how to love and give love to others.

For too long I have been taking too much credit for my cheery spirit. People have always asked me, “How are you always so happy?” and I have struggled to answer that question.  The truth is, I am not always happy but I have been so loved and been taught by my parents to be compassionate, patient, and accepting in everything I do. I have been taught to always see the good in the bad and to give love to others unconditionally.

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Together we are rising hope. Rising Hope is a project for us to be more compassionate.